Best Dark Brown Leather Dog Collar with Engraved Pet Name & Contact Phone Number

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Best Personalized Leather Dog Collar - 1 inch wide Dark Brown leather with engraved Pet Name and contact Phone Number 


1:) The Pet Name is engraved in Upper and Lower Case Script Font. 

Personalizing your Collar with the Pet Name


2:) Contact phone number is engraved in Arial Font 
3:) No Name Plates or Tags needed. 

4:) Our Leather Dog Collars are made from veg tanned tooling leather . This leather is the same leather used for horse tack.  Strong Leather. 


5:) We use nickel plated steel hardware and steel rivets to assemble the collars.





Be sure to order the correct collar size. Our collar sizes go by the circumference measurement around the dogs neck in the area where a collar is normally worn. 


We take the Circumference measurement and make it the center adjustment hole of the five adjustment holes in the collar. 


Example: If your dogs neck size circumference measurement is 18 inches, the holes would be made at 16, 17, 18 (Center Hole), 19 and 20. 




View: How to measure your dog's neck size page




Personalizing your Collar with the Pet Name:



The Dog Collar with Name page has information about embossing Pet Names into leather.

The options for this collar are below. 

The Pet name on this collar is engraved into the leather using a script font in upper and lower case lettering.


The phone number is engraved using the Arial font.


Both the phone number and the Pet name are colored the same in the color you choose from the drop down menu. 



Ordering is easy. Fill out your choices in the menu sections to customize your order.