English Bridle personalized leather dog collars

Posted by Haigler and Wallace Company on 3rd Jun 2014

We already sell English bridle leather dog collars on some of our sites. We will also be adding English bridle leather dog collars to our web store. 

Personalized English leather dog collars 

English bridle leather dog collars are made from the same leather that our other dog collars are made from with only one exception. 

The tannery hot dips the English bridle leather in tallow. This one extra step transforms veg tanned leather into English bridle leather. This also increases the cost of the hide of leather making English bridle leather a premium leather and all products made from English bridle leather are considered to be in the premium market of leather goods. 

The tallow helps to preserve and soften the veg tanned leather. Rain water does not wash the tallow out of the leather. This is why this kind of leather is so often used for horse tack. 

There is only one negative side effect of the hot dipping tallow process. It darkens the leather. So the English bridle leather only comes in darker leather colors or what is called a British tan color, which is a darker tan. 

Look for these products in our store.