What is a good product to use to care for your leather item.

Posted by Haigler and Wallace Company on 10th Jun 2014

A good leather care product that we use all the time is Kiwi Neutral Shoe polish. 

There are a lot of leather care products, but we consider the neutral shoe polish to be a good leather care product because it is easily attainable in most stores. This is important because many leather care products are very expensive and have to be special ordered from a leather supplier.

Most leather shops use veg tanned leather to make their custom products. This leather is well suited for dog collars, belts, horse tack, saddles, pocket books, wallets, check book covers, and much more. In Fact even English bridle leather and Harness leather is a form of veg tanned leather. 

One thing that will always need to be done to veg tanned leather products is "feeding of the leather".

We think that Kiwi shoe polish helps to feed the leather and helps to maintain a nice finish on leather items. 

Of course there are many more products that can do a good job,but if you need to bring a leather item back to a beautiful finish the quick and easy way, we suggest Kiwi neutral shoe polish as a product that you can use for the job. 

We hope to give a review on some other leather care products in our blog soon. 

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