How to measure Your Dog's Neck Size




How to Measure Your Dog's Neck Size


The best way to order the right size dog collar for your dog is to measure your dog’s neck size first.

To measure your dog, use a cloth or flexible steel tape measure. Circle around the thick part of your dog’s neck (about an inch above the chest of the dog) while holding two adult fingers inside the tape measured area. Holding your fingers inside the measured area will leave some comfort room for your dog.  Record this measurement as your dog’s neck size. Do not add any to this.

When we make our dog collars, the size of our dog collar is based on the neck size that the collar will fit.  

I will use an 18 inch dog collar as an example. The length measurement of an 18 inch dog collar is actually 23 inches long. Even though the dog collar is 23 inches long from end to end, the buckle, owner’s ID tag, embossed name, and holes are designed to fit a dog with an 18 inch neck size.  The extra length of the collar is for expansion holes and a tip that slides into the dog collars retainer loop.

The leather that a dog collar is made from also affects the actual length of the collar. When we make our collars, we have to take in consideration, the thickness of the leather.

Still using an 18 inch dog collar as an example, a collar made from 10 oz tooling leather is thicker than a collar made from 9 oz tooling leather so a thicker 10 oz collar will have to be longer to fit an 18 inch neck size. This is because thicker leathers form a larger circumference on the outside of the collar. The larger outside circumference is the actual proper length of the collar but the 18 inch neck size would stay the same.  Thicker leathers also form stiffer more rounded loops around the buckle, which makes the thicker collar longer to fit the same 18 inch neck size.

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