Dog Collar with Name

On nearly every one of the collars we make, we emboss a pet name into the leather. 18photo3-1600x908-blacka.jpg The photo above is an example of a black dog collar with name in Gold Embossed Lettering.

The way we emboss the collars is also considered to be engraving. 

Some of our collars are made with solid lettering color and  with a outlining color.

For the most part we use outlined lettering as our main style offered.

The Outlined style of lettering helps to show off the color of the leather. 

On bigger collars with plenty of room for the customers desired pet name, we will use what is called standard lettering spacing for the Dogs Name. For longer dog names we will tighten the space between the letters to make more room on the collar.

If the name is on a smaller collar, we will use a smaller scaled size lettering.

The Most common sizes of lettering are 1 inch scale, 3/4 inch scale, and 1/2 inch scale. 

We also make machine engraved collars. With these collars we can use different styles of windows fonts for the pet name. When we first stared doing this, we used Arial, Mv Boli, and Cooper Black as the main three lettering styles, but currently we can do most any windows font.