Copy of Wood Sign " PRIVATE PROPERTY" Sign

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Carved wood " PRIVATE PROPERTY " sign. 


This sign is available in 4 different mounting styles. 


This Sign is 5 inches tall x 15 inches long and about 1/2 inch thick 

You can select the length of the sign from the drop down menu below the photos in this listing. 


About the Mounting Hole Options

There are three different mounting options to choose from. 

Option #1 is the 4 hole option. This is one 1/4 inch hole in each corner of the signs making a total of 4 holes in all. 


Option #2 This is the 2 hole option. This is 1hole in the center top and on hole in the center bottom. 


Option #3 is a saw tooth picture hanger attached onto the back of the sign for hanging on a will hanger.